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Monday, 20 June 2016

You Are Worth So Much More

Happy new week everyone. I hope you all had a restful weekend and prepared for the beautiful week ahead.

Let me remind you before you start your week that you are worth so much more than to put up with poppycock and insults from others. Believe me when I say that because even though people may try to put you down and make you feel small, you are indeed worth so much more. 

Last night, le hubbs popped out to the ATM and while he was out, his siblings came by the house to drop of my troops whom they'd taken out for ice-cream. I called him to inform him of their arrival and I noticed there was a lot of noise in the background so I worriedly asked him if all was well. He hurriedly explained that there was a bit of a situation at our junction involving a man who was slapping and attempting to beat up his wife!!! Say what now? The poor woman had a baby on her back and was holding another child yet her horsebind husband could not see past his myopic stupidity and wickedness as he pummelled her in public over the flimsiest reasons. 

The man was drunk, their car had broken down and he took out his frustrations on the poor lady. Le hubbs said he had to shove the bugger off the woman and had to thoroughly control himself not to whoop his ass. "Errm, you should have kicked his ass real good", I bellowed. I asked him if I could come join him but he wouldn't let me, saying all was under control. Ok o. Some people put the woman and her kids in a vehicle and took them home leaving behind the masochistic husband.

Day by day, we hear of different stories of men battering their wives and so e even to death, and I keep asking WHY? Why do women put up with it? Why do they stay and take crap from the ones who should be protecting and loving them endlessly? Why do they subject their children to witnessing such violence, thus risking the chance of the continuous spinning of the vicious circle of domestic violence?

I don't care what the society says or feels about separation or divorce, but if your spouse disrespects you, loathes you enough to hit you, then you better up and leave with your life intact. LOVE DOES NOT HURT. Once you're in a relationship and it starts to hurt, then love has exited and you need to exit too. Alone, we each came into this world and alone we would depart so your destiny isn't tied to another's especially one who beats you up and hurts you. 

Know your self worth and leave any toxic relationship you find yourself in. Love yourself and you will be just fine.

Have a splendid week ahead.

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