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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Oh Boy! What A Narrow Escape For This Child.

People always say that the angels that watch over children certainly work overtime, mostly. This is because the sort of danger kids put themselves in and how they get out of it cannot be explained or understood by mere mortals.

It is nothing short of a miracle how doctors in India managed to save the life and eye of a 12-year-old which had been pierced by a butcher's iron hook while he as playing. The iron hook went through his eye and then through his brain but by a stroke of luck or guardian angel dust, his eyeball remained undamaged as was his brain.

Thanks to the amazing surgeons, doctors and medical crew at the Osmania General Hospital who operated on the boy swiftly and with so much expertise and care. Even better is the fact that they performed the surgery for free, knowing that the boy's parents would not be able to afford the cost of the surgery, which could have cost about 100,000 rupees or $1,000.

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