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Monday, 27 June 2016

Use Your Head, Help Others Use Theirs

The past week was pretty eventful in the political scenes of both Nigeria and the disUnited Kingdom, what with Governor Fayose's antics and David Cameron's fantastically disappointing gaffe. Both incidences showed clearly that we have more ignorant people in the world today than we have knowledgeable people. 

Or how would you explain how the British and Welsh voted out of the European Union because they assumed it would automatically mean an end to migrants within "their country"? How would you explain the fact that the google searches for EU referendum soared AFTER the elections had taken place? My dear friend was racially insulted on her way to work last week, just after the elections. She's as British as British comes but she has a black skin and thus some moron felt it was alright to tell her to go back to where she's come from. WTF?

Take a look at the video below and brace yourselves to be blown by how people reason.

Over here in Nigeria, we aren't much better to be honest. How can the governor of a state have N1.2 BILLION in one personal account when thousands are suffering from poverty, malnourishment, hunger, illnesses in his own state? How did our poltrickcians become so detached from the plight of those whom they swore to serve and protect? I heard about the case of the hungry man in Ekiti State, who had no money left because they haven't been paid in months. He watched his neighbour prepare amala and as soon as her back was turned, he stole the pot of amala and absconded.  When he was caught, they found him feeding his kids with the stolen amala and palomino for stew. Palmoil!!!! Yet, the governor still thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. 

The ignorance of Nigerians are obvious in the ways by which they defend these rogue politrickcians without properly taking into account the extent of their nefarious looting and escapades.  I had a driver from Ekiti state hailing me the other day and when someone pointed out to him about the shenanigans of the Governor, he rose to his defence. I was like " say what"? I went ahead to give him a point or two and the next thing he said was " oh really? I shouldn't support Fayose because he isn't all that, right? You're correct, I just go with the flow so if you say he isn't good enough for the people, then that's what I will believe and say too"! I was gobsmacked because this is a grown man we are talking about here. A man old and grown enough to know better, to read or research for himself, yet he is depending on people's opinion to form his. Actually, he is depending on the opinion of others to make them his. Sigh.

Sheer ignorance would be our undoing if we do not read, research and teach others as well. If you are learned and you do not share what you know and ensure they understand it properly, then you are in the same sinking ship.


  1. Nicely put! ignorance... or let me put it this way " we value sentiments over reasoning" . well done.


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