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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Boxing, Daddy, Myself And Mohammed Ali

I can proudly say that my dad is one of my most dedicated blog visitors (thank you daddy:) and it delights me every time he gives me a feedback or tip about my blog. Yesterday, he commended me on the Mohammed Ali post and then sent the video below asking that I include it in my collection, bless.

My first introduction to Boxing as a sport was via watching with my dad when I was much younger and even though I hated the violence and all it represented, I still watched it because I cherished those "us" moments watching tv with my dad and sometimes discussing stuff while my siblings were doing chores or just chilling around the house. Let me just advise parents out there to make time out for their kids and give them beautiful memories to have and reflect on n their futures.

I'm sure a lot of you must have come across the video of Mohammed Ali giving profound answers to the question of what he intended to do after retirement, but here it is again for you to watch and share just because my dad wants you to see it again and learn from it. :)


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