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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Watch How Far The Japanese Take Science

Wow. Watch how far the Japanese have come with science. Some young students hatched a chick without a shell. I was full of awe and admiration watching this amazing achievement of these kids. I mean so long as science is not used to wipe out the world or destroy or hurt people, I am totally cool with it. 

The video did leave my heart heavy for my dear Nigeria because I kept wondering hw long it would take us to catch up with such things when we (and i use the term "we" loosely here) are celebrating the fact that we would be producing PENCILS come year 2020!!!!


Enjoy the video and share your thoughts on it.

Do have a splendid day ahead. 

(Yessssssss, the weekend is almost here. I can smell it, lol)

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