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Saturday, 11 June 2016

When Arts Come Alive

A few days ago, a family friend of ours from way back in Luton added me to a Facebook page run by her daughter. I curiously clicked on it and I was blown away by the amount of talent I saw there. You see, Temi Danso is a young and amazing artist and below are a few of her works. I like art and I appreciate art and artists a lot and I used to collect art at some point in my life. My mum still has some kept for me even,  and I do hope to start collecting again soon.

I am indeed thrilled by her skills moreso because I cannot even draw a straight line to save my life, lol. I showed my daughter some of Temi's videos of her drawing and she immediately picked up a pen and scribbled this, hehehehe. Seems like I got a Picasso on my hands. I can only imagine how proud of Temi her parents are, because I swelled with pride at my daughter's scribbles. LOL.

So back to Temi, an absolutely talented and fantastic young lady she is. You can view some of her works here and check out the one below as well. She's @Temi_Danso on Twitter if you want to follow her and keep up with her awesome drawings.

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