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Friday, 7 August 2015

Celebrating Criminals

Not too long ago, I wrote here about our peculiarity as a people more-so at the way we celebrate criminals for sentimental reasons regardless of that fact that they have robbed millions of comfort that is due to them, including our very selves.

I came across this campaign poster inviting Deltans (the people of Delta State) to come together to pray for their brother, redeemer and daddy so that he can be granted bail. Need I remind us all that James Ibori used to be a big time politician and a former governor of Delta State, but he was investigated and charged with corruption, pleaded guilty and in 2012 was sentenced to 13 years in prison by a UK court for his crimes. I cannot fathom how people seem to miss the part where he pleaded guilty of those crimes he was sentenced for and I absolutely cannot comprehend how the extent of his looting is lost on them.

Below is a list of some of his possessions which were confiscated:

James Ibori was accused of stealing US $250 million from the Nigerian public purse - Wikipedia.

Yes, you read that right. He stole all of that money and squandered them on a luxurious lifestyle filled with women, cars, mansions and whatnot. This is the same person that people still worship and are gathering together to pray for his quick release. Sigh.

Shouldn't the clarion call be to the UK government to return the loot to Nigeria, specially Delta state and the funds used to make the state a far better abode for its residents? Do you think this hug amount of money cannot get Deltans smooth highways and inner roads around the state, at least two world-class equipped hospitals, steady power supply, and/or free education up to a level?

I try hard not to lose hope for Nigerians but posters and thought processes like this scare me to my bones. Surely it isn't rocket science to see things as they should be. Or have we been given over to reprobate minds?

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