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Sunday, 23 August 2015

What I Got Up To (1) ....

Happy new week y'all. How did your weekend go? Mine was quite busy but I tried to chill out and not overwork myself. I had a girls night out on Friday with my girlfriends and it was madt fun. We hadn't been out in a long time and it showed. The entire Planet One knew some hotties were in town. lol. Yes, yes, we are all happily married but we are very young at heart and fun shouldn't be denied ,anyone. regardless of their ages or marital statuses.Can I get an Amen? ;) 

Planet One is a pretty cool place to chill out and they have an amazing band that plays there on Friday night. As a matter of fact, I have been searching for this particular band for ages and ages without luck. They used to play in a pub in the Ikeja City Mall many months ago but they left abruptly and I have been on the look out for them ever since then. So you can imagine my utter delight at seeing them that Friday night and boy did they live up to their top standard. They go by the name QBand Entertainment and I promise you, they are excellent performers because I've seen and heard them perform several times. Do check them out at when you can and book them for your events.

Then on Saturday, I chilled out and spent some quality time with my kids before heading out to my parents' place in Festac for a visit.

 My brother owns a bakery in Festac and as usual, he spoiled me silly with some very luscious and tasty red velvet and chocolate cakes. Yum. If you haven't ordered at least a cake or cookie from the Cake Mayor, then you are yet to have a taste of heaven on earth. Fact! :) (You can make your delicious cake bookings by calling Mayowa on 08055327122)

I tried to be mellow today and just take things really easy but my children had more energetic plans for me which included waking up really early, making me a referee in their several fights over who takes a turn at what game/toy, fretting over their unwillingness to eat the right foods, scooter riding, etc etc. We did homework, read their children's bible, watched The Voice's auditions on YouTube, etc. It was an amazing time I spent with them. Nothing really compares to it. 

I wasn't planning on doing much today at all, save for perhaps visiting a friend and my sister who both live around me but then I got a call my mini-boss Ayodeji Osowobi of Stand To End Rape Initiative about needing my presence in a radio station for a talk on our latest campaign tagged #AddYourVoice.

So off I went to pick her up and then head out to Top Radio 90.9FM to join popular OAP/Director Chris Ihidero on his programme Conversation With Chris. There were two other STER volunteers, Zainab and Dasola with us and it was an amazing and enlightening session. We discussed rape and the effects on it victims and the need for government to support us in getting shelter, protection and justice for these victims. Then the phone lines were opened and calls came rushing it. I think all the calls just shows, in summary, that we are on track with this rape awareness initiative and that there is still a whole lot more to be done. All in all, it was a good session and I pray that bigger achievements would come out from it.

Team S.T.E.R Buki, Dasalo, Zainab and Ayodeji
I rushed back home to be with my kids and then took them to see my sister and her kids. The cousins were pretty excited to see each other, you'd think they hadn't seen themselves in years. Children are a wonder. :) We visited briefly and then rushed back home to rest and prepare for good old Monday tomorrow, lol. 

I decided to put this together before turning down for the night and I have enjoyed writing this post,. I hope your weekend was fabulous as well and I wish you a;ll a fantastic and prosperous week ahead.

Keep being #AllHeartsAlways to the needy around you. :)


  1. U really re a machine buki...kudos babe. My wkend was cool too ended it with a nice meal with hubby @ oceanbasket. Dey 've a new spot@ ikj

  2. LOL. I think I'm half-human and half-machine. Wow, I haven't been there yet but I must go there soon with le hubbs too. I love love love seafood. :)

    Thanks hun.


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