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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Blog Give-Away While Mingling

Yes, you read right. There is a piping hot giveaway right here on B.O.B (that's Buki Otuyemi Blog, for the newbies;) and it is a delicious one. Whoop Whoop. 

First of all, remember the post I did here about The Twitter Grub Mingle happening live in Ikoyi on the 1st of October? Well, The Cake Mayor would be there as well with lots of goodies for everybody coming. 

Even better is the promise of ONE free pack of Chocolate Cake Covered In Shaved White Chocolate as pictured below. YUM!!!! (Are you salivating yet? LOL)

A tasty pack for the winer!!!!! :)

Ok, so it's pretty easy to be the winner of this free pack of yummy treat, all you need do is follow @CakeMayor on Twitter, be the fourth to leave a comment on this post, and then attend the event on the d-day to pick up your cake!!!!

Easy like a grub mingle. :) 

Don't forget to follow the hashtag #TheTwitterGrubMingle to view the other lush delicacies that would be on display and for sale on the 1st of October.

Good luck and see you there.


Peek some cakes made by the CakeMayor himself. :)

I watched him make this Angry Birds cake. Absolutely captivating and creative.  :)

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