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Monday, 28 September 2015

What I Got Up To..... (6)

Whooooooosh!!!! What a long weekend I had, thanks to the Muslim holidays which started on Thursday. I had been longing for a holiday and was willing to take anything at this point. LOL. Please let me know where I can win a free luxury holiday ooooooooooo.

Look how chuffed I was on Wednesday at the prospect of the holidays. Hehe

Selfie with a colleague. very smart, fine young man. :)

My troops came barging into my room on Thursday morning, jumping on my bed and lying on my head despite the vast amount of space on the bed. -_- Even they were in the holiday mood so I had no choice but to get up and start preparing. We had made plans to visit some friends in Ajah and then go to our family friends' place in Lekki to spend the night. It was a fun outing overall, catching up, cooking, gisting, laughing, etc. The company was amazing I tell you and I'm glad the whole family got to hang out. My daughter did make a fuss on Thursday night when she realized we were not spending the night at home and it took a while to calm her down and convince her of how much fun she would have. I guess it goes to prove that they need to get out more. Hmmmn.

We all gisted late into the night. The Olanubi's are simply unique and awesome. The next day was even more fun because we took a tour of their new school property in Lekki and I am so excited at the thought of the opening. You see, Busola is a sweet caring lady and one of the most intelligent people I have ever come across. We were course mates during our Masters course in Human Resource Management in Luton in 2006. I remember it was through her I discovered the African store in Luton after months of suffering and surviving on only oyinbo food, lol. She's proven herself  over and over to be super smart and very strong. Her lovely mum has owned a school in Ondo State for decades and she's still going amazingly strong so I have no doubt her school would be a huge success. When the time comes, I will be putting up posts about the school so be prepared o. :)

After we left the school, her hubby took us out for a drive around the area to view the landscape, new building/estates sprouting up, and to chill for a bit at the beach. I love beaches so much that I ran straight into the water and splashed about. I also picked some shells for our children. 
Mammywater be like...... lol

After we left the island on Friday, we drove straight to Opic estate to another family friend's place. They had a barbecue get-together for us, no it wasn't our anniversary or birthdays. They are just wonderful people like that. #MyFriendsAreCoolerThanYours LOL. We headed home afterwards, tired but very happy at the turn of events.

I spent Saturday at the salon making my hair, largely because I missed out on my spa treatment. I need a massage so badly. Got back home and spent time with my troops before having an early night rest.

My Sunday was pretty packed. First of all I had to go to the Sunday market early in the morning, after which I rushed back home to sort out my shopping and some cooking before rushing to dress up and hooking up with my friends. It was our friend's dad's 10th year remembrance and we turned up for her big time. (Yup, that's how my crew and I roll ;) Afterwards, my friends and I paid a brief visit to my parents and of course we were able to get some yummy and delicious carrot cakes out of my brother, the Cake Mayor. :)

Fav & Fab

Fav & Fab

I got home on Sunday really happy but very tired. It had been a wonderful holiday and I was really happy about it. I slept off almost immediately my head hit the pillow, lol. 

So here I am, on my way to work, happy and rested (yes, I did rest desspite of my wakajugbe, lol). I am ready to take on the new week (and it has everything to do with the fact that we have a holiday on Thursday. Yup, Nigeria would be celebrating her 55th Independence Day and it is a public holiday. Don't think I'm lazy o, I work hard and play hard, that's all. :) 

While I lived abroad, I always marveled at the number of public holidays Nigerians enjoy annually. It did  not make much sense to me then but since moving back and living in the stressful convention, I don't think we have enough public holidays sef. LOL These holidays are stress-relievers, I tell you.

Do have a wonderful week ahead and remember to reach out to the needy around you by being #AllHeartsAlways. Love you all.

p.s. I would be having a give-away before the week runs out. Brace yourselves........ :) 

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