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Monday, 21 September 2015

What I Got Up To (5)........

Hello and a very happy new week to you all. How did your weekend go? Mine was quite chilled because I made a very conscious effort to slow down and rest. 

Friday was a bit daunting at work because I had a near crisis with someone who misinterpreted/misheard an information I passed on to him. Thankfully, I had made the call in front of witnesses and had also jotted down the information I gave to him. It would have been so easy for him to pass the buck and make me pay for his own mistake. I dodged a bullet there. We were able to resolve it eventually.  I drove le hubbs home because he had had a long day and was rather worn out. I enjoyed the drive home because it appeared that everyone was hanging out that Friday night so there was minimal traffic on the roads, hehehe.

Looking mellow in whit and yellow on Friday. :)
My dear aunt was around to spend some time with me, she arrived on Friday and it was fun catching up with her because I had not seen her in ages. She is an amazing woman with a wicked sense of humour so you can imagine the laughs we had. I am glad she came around this weekend because my maid had her weekend off and her presence allowed me dash off to the salon to get my hair done. I had rested very well for a while earlier in the day.

Hair-do or Hair-don't? 
On my way back home, le hubbs called bearing great news. He was going to get us some amazing turkey from Bar Enclave. Whoop whoop, if you live on the mainland in Lagos and haven't had some of the legendary Bar Enclave turkey, you are on a veryyyyyyyy long thing. People come from the island and even from outside Lagos to have a taste of this awesomeness. The grilled turkey at Bar Enclave is simply everything food should be. In addition to this tantalising delicacy, you are sure  of always getting chilled drinks at the Bar Enclave. Bar Enclave is situated at 1, Adeola Adeleye Street, Off Coker Road, Ilupeju, Lagos. What are you waiting for????? LOL.

I remembered to take a picture after we had dug way into it. Yum. :)
I woke up late on Sunday morning but thankfully my dear aunt had sorted out my troops for me. I guess I needed more rest than I knew. Anyways, having pancakes on Saturday or Sunday mornings are a must in my house and since we didn't have any on Saturday morning, I had to come through for my son. He can eat a bowl-full of pancakes, that one. The thing about making breakfast for my family  especially when we have house-guests is that I always ensure everyone's sorted before I fix myself something to eat. Well, by the time everyone was done I had run out of pancakes and I wasn't keen on starting the process all over again so I decided to have some bread. I made eggs and heated up some made-in-naija baked beans (it turns out that the baked beans were undone. Ewww, I cannot describe how awful it tasted. *weeps in violated taste buds*). I found some Heinz baked beans and used that. I set my tray up and when I turned to add some bread to my brekkie, I discovered that we had run out of bread as well. Sigh. 

It appeared the universe was out to get me or something. While tweeting about my jinx, I turned away for a bit and when I turned back around, my daughter had polished off all the pineapples on my tray and she gleefully announced this while licking her fingers and smacking her lips. LOL. I was too hungry and amused to do anything other than laugh at the situation. I just jejely ate my eggs and baked beans and rested. At all at all, na im bad pass. The good thing about me tweeting my experience and the picture below was when a short while later, one of my followers tweeted at me thanking me for giving him a breakfast idea and commented on how much he enjoyed his brekkie which I had inspired. Bless.

It did taste better than it looks right now, lol. 
I made lunch and rushed out in the pouring rain for a S.T.E.R meeting with my team mates. I ran into Dan Foster at the mall, he used to be THE best OAP in Nigeria and I had met him on a few occassions many years ago. It was nice seeing him again after so long. 

My Teams and I  had to switch venues at some point and while at it, I bumped into one of my twitter followers and his brothers. I am glad he recognised me and indulged my short memory enough to reintroduce himself again and remind me of our previous meeting. It would have been really easy for him to think me a snub while the truth is that I do so need a reminder about encounters every now and then. So if you see me, holla o. Lol. Shout out to Tayo and his brothers. I even grabbed a selfie with him. I think I should find out if he's single and hook him up with a fine smart lady because he really is a well-mannered gentleman. 

Tayo and I.

Yes, I had to post two pixes cos we looked fabulous. LOL.

I would say we had a great and pretty enlightening meeting today. There is so much to do still in  using our Stand To End Rape NGO platform to raise awareness in our societies. I can guarantee you all that we are working on a number of innovative ways to do this and I hope I will get your support every step of the way. I will keep you updated of our activities as they unfold.

Smart, kind-hearted, beautiful ladies. #TeamSTER #AllHeartsAlways

That was about all I got up to this weekend. I hope your weekend was as fulfilling as mine was. I wish you all a beautiful week ahead. Please do be #AllHeartsAlways to the needy around you.  A hug here, a smile there, an offer to buy a hungry person a meal or an offer to give out your unused clothes to the poor, etc are ways of being #AllHeartsAlways.  Go for it. :) 

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