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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Changing Mentalities.....

Yesterday I wrote here about how lawless motorists drove against oncoming traffic very early in the morning on Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, thereby putting themselves and others at risk. It is saddening that humans cannot just obey simple rules and laws unless when closely monitored. It breaks my heart every time I see things as commonplace as a sane adult throwing dirt out of their moving vehicles; littering aside, some of the stuff they throw out like bottles or corn cobs can actually damage other vehicles and/or cause accidents.
Also, the danfo drivers who park indiscriminately on the main roads to drop off or pick up passengers thereby deliberately and selfishly obstructing and blocking all other motorists really need to be dealt with and taught how to use the bus stops provided. It is not enough to assign armed policemen, traffic cops or LASTMA officials to drive them forward every time because they learn nothing this way and would resume their nefarious activities as soon as they don't sight these officials. 
Let the officials refuse bribes or pleadings but tow and confiscate a few of these erring buses and I can tell you the others would promptly sit up. Word would spread like wildfire and they would all adjust their warped mentalities. If we are serious about rectifying the wrongs in our society, all hands must be on deck to ensure it happens. Let the government sort out our databases and then install cameras all over the states and see if people would not comply with the rules and regulations of our nation. The thought of being watched would keep them on their best behaviours.

I learnt a certain state governor was involved in an accident yesterday because his lead convoy car ran a red light. I really hoped they won’t sustain grievous injuries and that the reckless driver of the vehicle would be well enough to be prosecuted for breaking an important traffic rule and endangering the lives of others. I don’t care if you are driving a Saint, obeying traffic rules cannot be compromised nor overemphasized. 

Have you noticed we now have at least 80% stable electricity supply within Nigeria? Beyond the thought that we now have a no-nonsense president in place, not much has been done to bring about this miraculous turn-around. I haven’t heard of salaries being increased, more people being employed nor better equipment being purchased to generate this much electricity, but the knowledge that with incompetence and corruption on the job comes punishment, everyone responsible has sat up and are doing right by Nigerians. 
It is time we all start changing our mentalities and endeavor to improve ourselves and our environment. We cannot afford to be stoic in our ways if we want change to happen. No one can bring change around quicker and better than ourselves. It begins with us and not by doing nothing while waiting for others to lead. Campaigns on reorientation should be rolled out via the media to help people adjust. 

I believe we can get things right in Nigeria. I believe in us. Yes, we can.


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