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Monday, 14 September 2015

What I got Up To (4)...............

Rise and shine, it's a brand new week. :)

How did your weekend go? Mine was quite packed full of activities (Yes, go on. I can hear you saying 'as usual, is it not Buki'. LOL) but as stretched as I was, I sure made sure I did not overwork myself and I did get some rest. I was at work till late on Friday (good thing my kids had gone to their grandparents' place) and by the time le hubbs picked me up, I was tired, cranky and ravenous. He was sweet enough to suggest dining out so off to Spur in GRA we went. As random as random can get, I bumped into my friend Ronke and her family. It was a delight to see her there and quite random because she had invited me to her sister's wedding on Saturday. Thank God I hadn't lied and said I would be out of town or something, it would have been quite embarrassing, That is why I don't tell lies, lol. 
I only remembered to take a picture for you all after I had eaten a bit. I was famished. Their platter is quite nice. Yum. :)
I needed to be in a million and one places on Saturday and it took a strong-will to get me out of bed this morning. I rushed out to get my kids' back-to-school supplies. I got some really cool bargains from a friend in Ogba. Her store is called Hopeline Store and it is located at Shop 17 POWA Plaza, close to the police station in Ogba. Her name is Kemi and her number is 08187113404. A lot of her stuff are currently on sales so don't dull o, she also has clothes and shoes for kids and adults. Tell her you're from me and I'm sure she will give you an extra special discount. ;)

I had a flat tire in between my dashing around and I had to sort that out myself. No, I did not change the tire myself, lol. I'm getting there slowly but surely. I then rushed back home to freshen up and dashed out to the wedding. I was proper late but still met the reception party and oh my, there was so much to eat and drink and the decor was absolutely beautiful.

Ronkus and I.
Pucker up. ;)

Afterwards, I met up with my brother and had so much fun gisting and laughing. He had also been to a wedding and it really got me wondering how many couples got married that Saturday. There's a thriving market for wedding stuff in Lagos, I'd tell you that. No weekend goes by without many weddings here. Amazing. 

Smiley #YorubaBoysStayWinning, lol

I got back home to le hubbs and had to go out to grab dinner. Couldn't muster up the strength to cook jare. I think I slept off as soon as my head touched the pillow. I was absolutely knackered.

Sunday morning came with rain clouds and the fresh smell of a brand new week. I went to the market again, to complete my shopping and mostly because my butcher at the Sunday Retail Market had been calling me nonstop for weeks. Very persistent and diligent customer-service he's got going, lol. I got back home tired but with so much to do. I was in the kitchen for hours until my body shut itself down and I slept off mid-cooking. 

Off to get my troops. Weary me. :)
I got up a while later and headed out to my in-laws to get my kids. I had missed them so much. Had a lot of fun at the in-laws, I was almost reluctant to leave, lol. We got home and I headed straight back into the kitchen where I was until half nine pm when I suddenly ran out of gas and the spare cylinder was empty as well. I think the heavens made that happen as a sign for me to quit for the night and you bet I did. I read the kids a bedtime story and then turned down for the night. Of course I woke up as usual for a while in the middle of the night, but I still got a good amount of sleep.

Anyways, It's a new week and I am ready to go. Have a blessed and prosperous week ahead.

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