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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Update: Revenge Or Envy

Smirking Gary Brissett At  Court
Remember the post I did here about a middle-aged man who was pushing a baby in a stroller but when ahead to key an Aston Martin and cost damages worth thousands of pounds? Well, he was identified as 48-year-old Gary Brissett, and after the video was shown as evidence at Thames Magistrates' Court today, he was given an eight-week suspended sentence and asked to pay £1095 (only).  

Brissett fully confessed to the crime and I guess his situation of being a full carer for his ill girlfriend/baby mama, plus the fact that he sends money monthly to his 8-year-old daughter who lives in Jamaica with her grandma since her mother (his wife) died made him receive such a light sentence.  I suppose the fact that Mr. Hall, the gentleman who owned Aston Martin's wish of Brissett not being jailed so that his child's upbringing would not be affected by his father's incarceration. I think Mr. Hall deserves an #AllHeartsAlways award for being so thoughtful. 

I wish Brissett had been made to explain why on earth he did what he did and I sure hope he has learnt from his unkind action and the kindness extended to him by his victim and the judge. Whenever you feel the need to be mean, think about the consequences of your action.

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