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Sunday, 27 September 2015

While Life Happened

Hello everyone, how's your weekend been? I came across this picture on Twitter and I was moved by it because it clearly shows how far apart generations have become with technology. This picture was presumably taken a few days ago while the Pope visited the United States of America. Loads of people came out to the streets to catch a glimpse of him and he was driven past (in a cute Fiat for that matter;) and amidst the anticipation of seeing him and preserving the memory of his visit, many people were glued to their phones while this dear old woman stood out because she came to see the Pope with her own eyes and not through the eyes of a lens. 

This generation is all about capturing everything around us on our cellphones, which is not so bad sometimes but surely not every time and everywhere. We would only end up missing out on so much in life if we keep up this way.

So live, love, cherish, smile, help, laugh, dance, jump, and just keep living well for each moment. Have a lovely Sunday.

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