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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sometimes, You Have To Let It Go

Last week, I came across this shocking video of an older African woman getting into an altercation ,which then degenerated into violence, with a young lad on a bus in England. The woman has a distinctive Nigerian accent while I cannot say for sure where the young man is originally from but I know enough not to mess with those black British chaps o.

I think was happened was just a misunderstanding about territory (yeah, I know. On a bus, right? Sigh) which should have ended after the first minute or two rather than the continuous exchange of words and insults. Eventually, the boy hit the older woman and bust her lips. I am glad the bus driver did not let him off until they had called the authorities. 

The truth is as painful and rude as the young man was to the elderly woman (Yes, Africans are big on respecting your el;dress o, regardless of where you might be or come from), I think she really should have let it go earlier than allow things to fall apart to the point of being hit by him. :(

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