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Friday, 18 September 2015

#TGIF Reports From Yesterday.

Hallos, I'm excited about the weekend because I need to restttttttttt and I am hoping I can get some quality rest this weekend. So, about yesterday and my stint on live teevee. Phew! I woke up with an awful migraine and I couldn't find any mild pain killers in the house that wouldn't knock me out so I unthinkingly opted to take one tablet of a very strong painkiller like that. Unfortunately, I reacted really badly to it. I was woozy and nauseous but I had to try my utmost best to keep it together. The programme went well without any hitches, thankfully. I left hurriedly and went home to rest.

My phones blew up with lovely congratulatory calls and messages from my dear friends and family members. I did not realize how big of a deal going on tv was until after I left and people started expressing how they felt. You guys rock. 

Big shout out to  the presenter Abimbola Oloko, you're an amazing woman hun. :)

I got the dvd from the studio and I will do my best to upload it for my international fans, lol. (I was  forced asked to say this). 

Do have a lovely weekend ahead and please be #AllHeartsAlways to the needy around you.

Below are some of the pictures from yesterday. My dear friends took screenshots of their tv as it was going on. Bless their hearts. :)
During the show :)

Looking like an alien here, lol. #Angles

Photo session after the programme. :)

Errm, eskiss me plix. :D


  1. Its really nice and thrilling to see someone you know on the TV, especially when is your colleague yawwyy.

  2. Yay. Thanks a bunch hun. You're toooooooo muches. :)


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