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Monday, 7 September 2015

What I got Up To (3)...............

Phew! Happy new week to you all. What's your Monday looking like already? :)

My Friday was all bouncy and fun, probably because of the sneakers I had on, lol. After work, I went to Planet One to chill out with le hubbs rather than plunge ourselves into the looming traffic. Their rooftop ambiance is exquisite and the Friday night crowd are really HNI stuff. I already told you here how good the live music produced by QBand is, but let me just say it again that those guys are great fun. If you love music as much as I do, then you need to pay them a visit and revel in the lushness of the band and the venue as a whole. 

I was a bit all over the place on Saturday, went to the office briefly to oversee some stuff and then to the salon to get my hair done. On my way back from the office I witnessed what could have turned into a very fatal accident. A woman let her tiny child, of no more than a year and half of age, run into a main road. She was no where in sight yet the tiny tot was left alone all by himself, naked too. He ran into a yellow cab, who just happened to stop short of going over him by a cat's whiskers. My heart was in my mouth as it seemed the world around us suddenly slowed down. Thankfully the little baby was unhurt and he soon ran back to what he felt would be the safety of his momma's arms. Alas, she had heard the noise and shouts from passersby and had rushed out of her hut to see things for herself. The moment she realized what had happened, she started slapping the baby's face. O.o My cabbie had to hold me back from rushing up to her and defending the wee baby properly. I did give her a piece of my mind though. -_- Children will always be children, which is why it is up to us as parents to keep a keen eye on them always.

I spent the rest of my Saturday hugging and playing around with my children. Well, we did fall out for a bit because they managed to break my iPad for the fourth time this year alone. Sigh. I was ticked off enough to post a tweet about listing them on eBay. :) I suppose the time has come to get them their own kiddies tablets. Didn't know technology would be doing this to me so soon o. In addition to wanting to get them their own tabs, I have resolved to buy some more board games and teach them. I already got a Ludo and a Monopoly game but teaching them is another matter entirely, lol. I also got them some scooters so they can explore the outdoors some more. I had fun playing outside while growing up and I want them to have a part of that as well. 

I was home all day on Sunday. I strained my hip on Saturday evening and the ache wouldn't let me get around much on Sunday. So I stayed in bed for the greater part of the day. Not even the tempting offer by le hubbs to go out for some delicious Bar Enclave turkey could get me outta my bed. LOL. I really needed the rest. Le hubbs actually requested abi na demanded a return of my Let's Talk About Sex series, even though he knows why I have stalled on them o, lol. *side eyes* I will see what I can do about it. If you are not familiar with them, please search for them on my blog. They are very edutaining. ;)

Well, Monday is here with a fresh new week and I am raring to go. I wish you all a splendid week ahead. Keep being #AllHeartsAlways to the needy around you.

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