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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Wonders Will Never End

Just when you think you have heard it all, you hear/read a story so incredible you begin to wonder what you're still doing on planet earth rather just porting to the nearest planet. Apparently, some people are aggrieved enough to sue the British government because they claim Britain is responsible for the death of their sons who left Britain for Syria to JOIN ISIS!!! 

According to The DailyMail, the family of a known ISIS terrorist was killed by an RAF drone strike and they might be suing the government for extra-judicial killings. -_- David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has justified the drone attack as legal and necessary in a bid to protect the British citizens. He claimed there was enough evidence to prove that the target were planning armed attacks against the United Kingdom. 

However, Kate Hudson, a British far-left political activist who also happens to be the General Secretary for the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament, is calling the incidence extra-judicial killing and feels it means the British PM's stance could mean a death sentence to British citizens when they travel broad.

*Side eyes*
Seriously???? How is this even an issue? The fact that he left Britain to join those crazy beastly bunch of loonies and was conspicuous enough to be well known in their sect is enough for anyone to blow him up to smithereens. Have you seen the REAL LIFE 1000-ways-to-die-stunts these awful terrorists pull on innocent people on the daily? Did his parents not know  to raise him right and now they shamelessly defend him despite the atrocities ISIS have committed, even against British hostages. 

Please. Miss me with the poppycock sob stories.

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