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Monday, 14 September 2015

#MusicMonday - You're The Inspiration

Something really odd and random happened to me in the early hours of today. I woke up at 1.32am and the words and tune to the song in the video below came to me and stuck with me until I got up to search it out and played it. 

I have loved this song for many many years and I still recall a very lovely roomie of mine in Mozambique Hall, OAU playing this. Her taste in music was very eclectic and I loved it. I can't even remember her name right now, but I wish I would see her again. 

Shout out to all OAU graduates and students who passed through Moz Hall, especially the '98 set of U Block. :)

I hope the song and words inspires you, as it does me every time. 

#MusicIsEverything #AllHeartsAlways

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