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Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Face Of Terrorism.

I usually avoid videos of horrific occurrences because they always break me. A few minutes ago, I stumbled on a link from the bomb blast yesterday in Abuja, and it devastated me completely. A survivor of the blast recorded things as they unfolded after the blast. He was obviously an adult  Muslim and you could tell he was in shock as he kept on reciting his prayers over and over again. At some point he burst into tears when he saw the plight of those directly hit by the bomb, as he cried for help for them.

There were limbs and half bodies splattered all over the street. There were burning cars and several destroyed vehicles. There was wailing and shock and chaos everywhere. O my heart, it is a horrible thing to happen to anyone. I broke down as I watched and recalled how many of my friends narrowly escaped and the thought that those could have been their body parts all over the road kills me. The fact that those innocent people blown to smithereens are people's families and friends and loved ones, slays me.

When will the issue of terrorism be taken seriously and ended in this country? This is not the Nigeria I grew to know and love. This menace has gone on for too long and it must be stopped NOW. Seeing the pictures on print does not tell the full story of the horror of what transpires during and after a terrorist-bombing.

This video captures just a part of the horror. I am sharing it because I want people to know what it really means to be under a terrorist attack. I am sharing this as a wake up call to everyone. Let's end this menace called terrorism.

*Viewer discretion advised*


  1. Cant watch. . . Will be traumatised for weeks, months. . . Might never forget d horrific pics. . . Terrorism is cruel! It has to end in Nigeria, and in fact all over d world.

  2. I went into shock upon viewing it and as much as I berated myself for doing so, a part of me knows better now what the aftermath of a terrorist act is like. It has made me more conscious of my environs and also more determined to use all means possibly to try to end it. It is not a good situation to be in at all. :(


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