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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Please Be #AllHeartsAlways To Bemigho Anene

Good morning everyone, I trust your week is going on fine. I heard about a young lady in dire need of help and I thought to make a post about it for a wider reach. While I have never met Bemigho, I have a few mutual friends with her and I have heard glowing things about her. People say she's a good person with a good heart but whom, sadly, life has dealt several cruel blows to.

                                                              (This is Bemigho now)

Bemigho was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in the UK in 2010. She has been living with sickle cell anemia and as a result she currently has both kidneys affected and is in immediate need of a transplant. She had been managing the ailment over the years but recently started dialysis and has had her five sessions in a week so far. Bemigho has been given a bill of N8,000,000 ($46,000 or 28,000 pounds) for a transplant in an Indian hospital. The cost includes her surgery and hospital stay for the period. Sadly, she lost her job a few years back and has been bearing all the bills by herself, until now.

Bemigho is a daughter, wife, mother to a toddler and friend to many. I beseech you all to please reach and help her out. Remember, every little goes a long way to help.

                                             This was her prior to the kidney diagnosis. :(

You can make your donations to her accounts below:

Bemigho Anene, Diamond Bank (Nigeria) 0041241995 

Enajite Omogbo Lloyds TSB Bank Sort code-309988 Account-36164560 in UK and around the world

Thank you for your kind assistance. #AllHeartsAlways

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