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Monday, 2 June 2014

Kids Sure Do The Darndest Things.........

By now most of you have probably read the story of the 4 year old Chinese boy who defaced his father's traveling passport while away in South Korea on a holiday. If the situation wasn't so serious, serious enough to get his father stranded in a foreign country as a result, it would be absolutely hilarious. The cheeky young child went all "Van Gogh" on his father's passport, drawing a beard, people and animals with a black pen. Though I found it incredible and funny, I was mortified on his father's behalf.

Of course, with toddlers, one can never be too careful which is why I always subscribe to putting all vital objects out of their reach always. I recall my daughter sneaking up after dinner one evening to have a gulp (or maybe more) out of the bottle of dettol the nanny had put out for her evening bath. I went berserk and even her usually cheeky self felt my angst that day. I can laugh over it now, but it was not a good feeling at all at the time.

Children are always inquisitive and they have little or no sense of danger in them at all, bless their dear hearts. :) After I had my first child, a respected friend of mine said to me "congratulations, you have just murdered sleep". I felt really weird getting that message but I waved it off in my euphoria of being a new mum. A few days later, I totally understood what she meant. LOL. You simply have to watch over them like a hawk for the rest of your life.

I absolutely love children and their innocence even when they get up to mischief.

What is the worst "angelic" (you know I meant horror, right. LOL) scare a child has given you or anyone you know?


  1. Archbishop Desmond Tutu has some words of advice embedded in this beautiful piece. Peace profound

    1. Wow. Very insightful article on forgiveness and how short life is. Thanks TO.


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