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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Of Logs And Specks.........

Hi everyone, in life I discovered that human beings are mostly always so quick to judge others they perceive are even the slightest bit different from them. A lot of times when we judge others by their outward appearances, we tend to lose out on bigger things. 

I always like to give people the benefit of the doubt and even then, I still chill out until I've confirmed whatever reservations I may have had in the first place. More people need to act like that too, even though I know it is easier for some than others. We cannot all be the same, what a boring world that would be if that happens. (shudders) So embrace change and difference, and if you find certain changes too prickly for your preference, accept the difference and move on. No need for violence, beef, tantrums, or whatchamacallit. (hehehehe, na me talk am)

Before you go off on a person because of their individual choices and preferences on things like appearance, religion, sex, gender,etc, remember that they were first human. So long as whatever their choices are doesn't constitute an actual crime or has a fatal impact on another, kindly live and let live.

I found this video below and I was mighty impressed by the outcome and secretly glad it ended just like that. I love the song anyways, so that was a plus. :) Enjoy.



  1. The video is soooo touching. it broke a dam in me

    1. I know Buzzbee, it blew me away. :)


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