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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Strength Of A Woman.

These days, we have so many mothers taking up dual roles in the family. Back in the days all the had to mostly do was take care of the children, home and man. These days take care of the children, the house, generate the bulk of the income, attend to the needs and urges of the man, work, work, work, work ,work just to make ends meet.

It feels like there's an epidemic of working wives and house husbands. Why is this so? Is it that the society has suddenly realized women make better and productive workers than men and thus are more lenient towards them? Could it be there's a generation of LazyMenAnonymous, lying around and surpassing in number, the hard working men who still believe it is their duty to cater for the family? Are there other reasons why so many women are now the breadwinners while the men are quite comfortable with the arrangement that way?

This post is not to slight any man or woman, but to gain a better insight as to why this is so. You may not have even noticed because a lot of women "protect and guard" their husbands reputations thoroughly such that to the outsider, this arrangement is unnoticeable. I however assure you that I carried out a small research and the result was rather surprising. Majority of married adult females between the ages of 30- 39, are the ones supporting the family financially. 

Now some men whose wives/partners earn more than they do, do chip in but others are just so blase about the whole thing. I am really curious to know and understand this trend.


  1. Hmmmmh... dat's some turnaround o, i dont thk such trend can last for so long as in d man of d house not working and the woman being d breadwinner....dat wht now???

  2. Norms generally are changing, gone are those days when women stay at home to take care of the kids. Majority of men today prefer a working wife due to the facts that she will assist him financially. But i feel the whole responsibility of providing for the family should not be left only for the woman even the Bible says any man that cannot provide for his family is worst that an infidel.


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