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Friday, 20 June 2014

Boosheet Boosheet Left, Right and Centre. #TGIF

I had this one day last week when this was just how I felt. That day was soooooooooooooo inexplicably off'! It felt like everyone and their cats were out to get me. (Na only me waka come na, shuo, lol)

I had a healthy dose and variety of boosheet that day. By the third encounter, I simply prepared my mind and braced myself for more.

I set up a mental boosheet detector. This helped me deal with all further boosheet, that came my way, in a rational manner. :) 

While I simply ignored some, I merely tuned some out. You know when someone is spinning you some damn good boosheet and you're looking at them like '-_- uhun keep going', meanwhile your mind has traveled eons away from the scene of the boosheet? That was me at some point that day, lol.

I came to the sane conclusion that every now and then, boosheet will come from various quarters. What matters the most is how I rise above such and keep mentally fit, above the psyche of the boosheeters. 

Yes indeed, music is my main escape from boosheet. It soothes me and helps me come up with apt responses. When I cannot get a hold of music to play, physically, I simply turn in the music in my head. (Parampampampam) ;)

Keep calm and resist ye boosheet. Some may find this post to be utter boosheet, but that's ok too. Hehehehe. 

Ciao. ;)



  1. Toyin Akinlade20 June 2014 at 12:53

    You gimme boosheet I slam it right back at you before it even lands. No time to waste time. Kmt


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