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Sunday, 25 October 2015

A Beautiful Sunday To You......

Hello blog visitors, how has your weekend been? My sincere apologies for not posting yesterday. I went on a road trip to my old secondary school with a few of my former mates. We are looking to see how to rehabilitate the school and make living conditions bearable for the present students there. I will bring the full gist of that on here much later. 

I had fun on the road trip with my friends; there was so much banter and jests going on. I also got to visit my old room and bed-space where I resided in my SSS3 year. Wow, it was indeed a nostalgic trip. What did I bring back for y'all? A huge pending #AllHeartsAlways project and a keg of very freshly tapped palm-wine. :)

Here's a refreshing video below to brighten up your Sunday. Watch it till the end, it gets better. :) Amazing talents, these kids have got.

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