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Friday, 16 October 2015

#AllHeartsAlways: Update On Project Ijagbo

Hello dearest people, here is an update on the ongoing Project we have running in Ijagbo, Kwara State regarding sponsoring some less privileged students through school. I wrote about it previously here where I discussed how myself and Mayowa (Twitter: @czarohm) took it upon ourselves to get 30 students Sponsors, seeing as they couldn't pay their fees and were about to be kicked out of school. Some of them have gone ahead to graduate while we still have over 20 of them in school.

It's a new school session and thanks to their dedicated Sponsors and of course dear dedicated Mayowa who has worked tirelessly to ensure all these students remain in school, we got them some new uniforms for the session. I am overwhelmed and grateful to Mayowa who took the time out of his busy schedule to go there and deliver the uniforms and also to spend some quality time with the students. Mayowa served in this school and he has finished his youth service and has only recently completed his Masters programme, yet his heart is always with those children. (I've actually got tears in my eyes right this minute. I think my keyboard turned into an onion. :) 

Here's a special thanks to Mayowa and to all the Sponsors who work hard to see these children through secondary school. One of my cutest and kind-hearted followers on Twitter, Fola (Twitter: @TillyTillie) came up with an idea about #AllHeartsAlways planning a group session which would include the Sponsors and any other well-meaning persons whose delight are to help improve governance and our society as a whole. It would be held at the famous Bar Enclave (yay, I can smell their grilled turkey already. They have the best barbecue turkey everrrrr)

Plans towards this are work in progress and I will be sure to update everyone as we go along.

Thanks and please keep being #AllHeartsAlways.

That's Mayowa in pink. Bless his dear heart. :)

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