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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

#Buki'sBits: The Plot Thickens....

Welcome back to another segment of Buki's Bits.


Saraki Saga Continua

The Court of Conduct Tribunal has adjourned Senate President Bukola Saraki's trial till the 5th and 6th of November 2015. Surely, this case is not as complex as it is being portrayed, is it? 

Court: Did you or did you not falsely declare your assets?
BS: Yes, I did OR No, I didn't
Court: You are banned and sentenced OR You are free to go.


Court: Did you or did you not falsely declare your assets?
BS: I'm not at liberty to disclose that. All I'm saying is that you should NOT ask me such. 
Court: Is that right? Oya comman be going. OR Say what? Off to jail you go.

The truth is this, in saner societies, any public office holder having such allegations brought up against him would have done the decent and honorable thing by stepping down immediately. Then again, this is Nigeria after all. A country where the abnormal is so normal and accepted that the normal is now seen to be perfectly abnormal.


RE: Update On Collapsed Building

Rescue is ongoing and three people are trapped within the ruble. Sad stuff. 


Jega's Replacement

The Council of State Meeting has confirmed Mr. Mohammed Yakubu as the new Independent National Election Commission Chairmen. Amina Zakari had been acting in place since Professor Jega's exit and so Mr. Yakubu would be taking over from her.

Professor Jega left such huge shoes to be filled and I sincerely hope Mr. Yakubu would surpass the legacy Professor Jega left behind. I will return with more details about him.


  1. The plot thickens.... I suspect it will be postponed indefinitely at some point.

    1. I'm really fed up at the total disregard for 170 million citizens by a few.


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