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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Ongoing Protests Across Universities in South Africa

There are several protests going on across South Africa, which have been raging for days on end now. University students are protesting a 10.3% hike in fees and claim white students are getting better privileges than the black students. Wits University students are at the front of these protests and the university has been shut down, alongside Rhodes University in Grahamstown. I have seen videos and pictures from the protests with clashes between the police and students. They don't look pleasant at all. I hope no lives would be lost in these fracas because the police are alleged to have thrown stun grenades at the protesting students to disperse them. 

To make matters worse, a UCT lecturer was caught on camera calling the protesting students selfish c**ts

As much as I know and appreciate how expensive quality education is, it is imperative that they must be made accessible and affordable for everyone to partake of it. There has to be a way around this that would spell win-win for everyone involved. There just must.

Follow the hashtags #WitsFeesMustFall and #UctShutDown for more live updates.

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