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Monday, 19 October 2015

What I Got Up To..... (7)

Hiya, I kid you not, the image above is kindda like what I look like this morning but it wasn't because I had a helluva weekend. I've been battling with a severe migraine since last week and the silly thing just won't leave me be. I involuntarily had to rest in bed all weekend, even though I had a few family events to attend. I simply could not move. 

The worrisome part is that despite taking my regular medication and taking things really slowly, my head is still pounding this beautiful Monday morning. I choose to see the cup as half full rather than half empty. I'm pretty certain the solution is for me to go away for a week on a luxury solo vacation. Hello? Did you just read that? Is the spirit leading you to make it happen? Don't fight it o, allow yourself to be used. LOL :)

Ok, it's a bright and brand new week and challenges or not, I am ready to take this week on. Where there's life, there's hope, right? No matter how life may seem daunting to you at the moment, things WILL surely get better and work in your favour. So, hang in there and keep your head up. 

Have a prosperous week ahead and keep reading/visiting/sharing my blog posts. Do also keep being #AllHeartsAlways to the needy around you.


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