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Friday, 9 October 2015

TGIF, Road Trip And Some Humour

Hi everyone, how has your week been? Mine has been full of ups and downs but I am grateful still. I am actually on my way out of state right now. I have a wedding to attend in Abia State (Eastern Nigeria) and I chose to go by road (what on earth was I thinking?). I was assured that it would be a safe and fun trip and I would get to see more parts of Nigeria so being the curious cat that I am, I cancelled my flight bookings and here I am. 

The last time I took a lengthy road trip such as this one was when I went to Scotland by road from England, well I did go by rail and it was an amazing trip, I must confess. I was by myself with my MacBook, magazines, chocolates, bubble gums and my very ownpleasant company, lol. It was about 7 hours and truth be told I did get bored at times, but it was a fun trip. 8 years after, here I am taking a 10-hour road trip from Lagos to Abia state. Phew!! Fingers crossed y'all. 

I am looking forward to the trip, to the wedding whcih I am going to attend, to the new cultures and food (yes, I am a foodie;) and to blogging about my experiences. I will keep you updated as I go along. Any blog visitors living in Abia? Hola. ;)

Here's a video to brighten up your weekend. Leggoooooooo. 

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