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Monday, 5 October 2015

What I Got Up To........ (7)

Yup, this was me last night. I had the same look on my face when I realized the weekend was truly over. I wanted an extra day inserted in between Sunday and Monday so I could get some more rest, alas......

After closing on Friday, I stopped by at Dami Elebe's (Beat FM OAP) place to wish her a happy birthday in person since her house wasn't far from my workplace. It was pretty cool gisting with her lovely mum and aunt*. I couldn't stay for longer, sadly because le hubbs was waiting for me in the car and he had a headache. I opted to drive us home so he could relax and rest rather than drive through the traffic, and thus we swapped seats. A few minutes later, I almost wish I'd never offered because the heavens opened up suddenly and it began to rain cats and dogs and a few elephants. I have never had to drive in such an awful weather but I did, largely because le hubbs trusted in my driving well enough to have slept off. Lol. I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home, about three hours later.

I was out early on Saturday running some errands with a friend of mine. I got back home and slept like a log of wood, a very rare occurrence on a Saturday afternoon, lol.  There has been more Tooth Fairy sightings than me of sleeping soundly on a Saturday afternoon, I tell ya. I woke up, made dinner and went right back to sleep. Preggers much? No, thank you. Shop closed already, lol. 

I should probably lie and rave about attending church because my parents would be reading this post, but I cannot deceive myself o jare. I couldn't make it to church for certain reasons which I cannot write here but trust me, I was communicating with HIM as I do always. ;) 

I went shopping and came back home to cook up a storm. I had a few August visitors drop by and it was really nice entertaining them. I also made my Pasta Special. It was so delicious, I did not remember to take a picture. Perhaps next time........ :)

Happy Teachers Day To All The Selfless And Amazing Teachers Out There. 
Anyways, it's a brand new week again and as always, I wish you all the very best this week has to offer. Ensure you reach out to the needy around you by being #AllHeartsAlways




  1. I like 'it began to rain cats and dogs and a few elephants'. It got me laughing for a minute. Quite a weekend you had. Mine was a little boring. Brainstorming, sleeping, surfing the internet and watching movies. Nothing much to it. Fruitful week ahead.

    1. Thanks so much. I would really like a chilled out weekend like yours one of these days........ :)


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