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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Seeing Double.

There's an old African saying that "God created people in twos", and this just means that everyone has a lookalike out there somewhere. I, for one, have been accosted several times by people insisting that I am popular Nigerian actress, Ini Edo. There was one time I had to part with money to placate the over-enthusiastic fan, lest he called more people to 'come and see the star wey cross my way today'. Sigh. You owe me a drink Ini Edo. :)

Nigerian Actress, Ini Edo. :)

Anyways, so these two identical and random strangers came face-to-face aboard a Ryanair flight from Stansted to Galway sometime this week. They took a selfie together and put it up on Twitter. Upon arrival at their destination, they discovered that they were both booked into the same hotel, so they went out for a drink together. LOL. Can you beat that? Some social media cheeky monkeys have even suggested both of them getting DNA tests done, lol.

On The Plane

Out having a drink. :)

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