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Monday, 19 October 2015

A Positive Spin For A Jilted Bride

I have written several posts on making awesome lemonades whenever life throws lemons at you and I still believe that anyone can make the most out of their situation.

Making the most out of an unpleasant situation was what the Duane family did when Quinn Duane's fiancee, Landon Borup called off their wedding less than a week to the D-day. They had planned a lavish $35,000 ceremony in a luxury hotel in Sacramento before Landon called off the wedding a few days to the ceremony (Like, who does that? Wait until the last minute before developing cold feet? Hian!). 

Rather than cancel the venue and catering, which had been paid for, Quinn's mother Kari Duane decided to go ahead and invite some homeless people in the city to come have an extravagant feast. Kari said as soon as she learnt on Monday that the wedding wouldn't be holding, she immediately saw it as an opportunity to give back to the needy (Did I hear you say #AllHeartsAlways? Yes!!! ;).

Look how many people took part in the feast. 

The poor would-be-bride chose not to show up at the venue on the set date, and I really cannot blame her for that but the feast went on. Quite a number of homeless people were well fed, including families with single parents, little children and even grandparents. According to Rashad Abdullah, who came to the feast with his wife and five children, he said the meal was 'a blessing'. He had been struggling through a hard time and it was a good opportunity to do something nice and lovely with his family. Bless his heart.

Some of the homeless guests who showed up. Bless.

The wedding package also came with a non-refundable honeymoon package trip to Belize which Quinn and her mother would be flying out to. (in your face Landon)

See how they turned what would have been a really sad and financially draining situation (everything had been booked and paid for and wasn't refundable before unique Landon chose to skedaddle)  into a blessing to others and for themselves.

What's weighing you down today? Find the silver lining in that situation and be happy.

Keep being #AllHeartsAlways :)

Story source: KCRA

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  1. You've already said it all though it's a pity but also a blessing to others.


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