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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Don't Ever Die For Nothing!

Wonders, they say, will never end. They are right. 

Believe it or not, Oscar Pistorious has been released from prison after he was handed a mere 5-year sentence for the cold-blooded  murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, out which he's only done 1 year! I wrote about it here just last October and he's out already. There I was writing about how I thought his sentence was weak and here he is, out already. Life is so unfair sometimes.

He is expected to to remain under house arrest in his uncle's Pretoria mansion for the remainder of his 5-year sentence. This is so unfair to the Steenkamp family and to the late Reeva. Where's the justice? Look, if you are going through any iota of domestic violence, you better walk away now with your life intact because if you lose your life at the hands of your violent spouse, that is it!!! Finito!

I'm shocked the silly judge did not include a tag on his ankle as a means of ensuring he remains in his uncle's house. -_- (Read between that line)

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