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Monday, 12 October 2015

#GoodNews: Jessica Is Back Home.

Hello and a very big thank you to everyone who helped in the search of Jessica Edionwele who I wrote about here yesterday morning. She has been found and is now safe home with her family. Her friend confirmed this news yesterday and said that the details are still sketchy at the moment but that no ransom was paid and the Nigerian Police Force helped track Jessica.

Now I have seen a lot of people speculating all sorts and demanding for the nitty-gritty of Jessica's return home but the truth is that no one who would have gone through such a traumatising ordeal of being kidnapped would sit down and start gisting about the experience immediately. She has to be given some time to be checked properly by doctors, talk with the police and possibly see a psychologist before sharing her experience so I would indulge well-meaning Nigerians to calm down and wait for the full story while the victim recovers from the trauma.

I am however glad that she is back home and also happy about the support she got. 



I got back from my road trip pretty late last night. I might do a post on it soon, however, if you follow me on twitter, you would have seen how I tweeted through the trip. If you don't follow me (I dunno why you wouldn't by now ooooooooo, lol) you can check the hashtags #RoadTrip and #RoadTripReturn for the gists of the trip. Or you could just make time out to scroll through my timeline @survivor17 for the details. 

Have a splendid week ahead.


  1. Am I missing something? I thought she was at her boyfriend's?

  2. That's the wild-fire rumour that went around yesterday but I would rather have more proof of this theory before jumping to conclusions. Some of her close friends have said it is unlike her to have planned her own abduction in a bid to extort money from her parents whilst camping at her boyfriend's.

    I hope we will hear from the horses' mouth soon enough.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)


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