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Monday, 26 October 2015

What I Got Up To (8) And A Condom Question.

Hello everyone, I hope you had a fabulous weekend? My weekend was not too bad as I wrote here yesterday. I feel refreshed this morning and even happier because the roads are relatively free on my way to work. Yes!!!! Governor Ambode is working, lol. Ok, on a more serious note, I must commend the Governor for fixing the bad roads on the mainland. Would you believe that bad roads was the ultimate culprit and reason for the horrendous traffic we always experience on Akilo road? Ever since the road has been "patched" (I hate the words 'patching roads'. Roads should be properly done once and for all.), there has been minimal traffic there. Amazing. 

I have noticed that there are quite a number of roads works going on around the mainland and I am mighty pleased about it. I hope things keep progressing this way. We can ease the traffic situation in Lagos and thus make life bearable for the residents. #YesWeCan The next thing to do in the quest for a better traffic situation in Lagos after fixing up the roads, is to reset the brains of those Danfo (yellow buses) drivers. They are a menace to themselves and to all road users.

While I was in Abia state some weeks back, I found this sticker on the mirror in my hotel room. I found it a bit ridiculous that in this day and time, people would choose preaching against condoms over abstinence. I mean by all means preach and teach about abstinence but do not undermine the use of condoms because people will have sex whether you like it or not. So long as there are raging hormones and blood flowing through one's boy, the urge for sex will be there. It is inevitable and that is the harsh truth.

How can you build a hotel and feel sticking such in the rooms would make any difference? The slogan should be 'we preach abstinence but by all means use a condom if you cannot hold it back!' Simple. 

What's your take on this? :)

Have a fabulously wonderful week ahead. :)

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