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Sunday, 4 October 2015

A Smile And An Ad. ;)

The video below had me smiling all through and not just because I am related to those in it, but because it was well and beautifully put together. If you ever need a videographer/photographer to cover any of your events, you ought to contact Devalor Photography & Videography for that classy and professional touch. I have seen them at work several times and they are top notch. They can be reached on 08112738018.

Now to the video below, my kids were on the bridal train and you will catch my son's hilarious reaction to the groom kissing the bride at 4.21 - 4.30. LOL. There are several other highlights in the video that will have you smiling all through and calling Devalor to book your events. ;)


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  1. Hehehe... 4:24😝 *can't watch*


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