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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Dire Consequences For Rape.

Oh dear me! I came across this news and shivered. A thirteen-year old Indian girl claimed she was raped by a man called Runku after he offered her her whitener, which is a substance used to erase print but often misused as an intoxicant. The girl, in a bid to exert revenge, kidnapped Runku's five-year old son while he was playing and chopped off his head!! o_o The girl was known in her neighborhood to be a drug user and a trouble maker, as a result of her troubled background and lack of parent-figure to raise her right. 

She has been sent to a juvenile home while investigations of murder are ongoing. Runku has been 'booked' for raping a minor and investigations are ongoing as well. The half burnt body of the poor boy was found after it was dragged out from where be was buried beneath some bricks by dogs.

Gosh. If indeed Runku raped that young child, then he is beyond wrong but two wrongs never make a right and that poor dead boy was innocent in all of these yet he took the fall for his father's alleged sin. 

They say that ' the evil that men do lives after them ', bear this in mind always please.

Two days ago, Chief Magistrates' Court in Akure, Ondo State Nigeria, sentenced Onoja Abel to seven years imprisonment for raping a 9-year-old girl. He allegedly lured the poor girl into his room and raped her thrice over a period of time. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to prison with hard labour. 

Serves him right. 


  1. This issue of rape is really gruesome. I think the society needs to start talking with the men about rape not women alone because women live with the knowledge that they are at high risk to be raped unlike men. I have noticed that most campaigns organized to end rape are mostly dominated by women because they are the victim but the truth is, the responsibility for rape PREVENTION belongs to men! Because if rape is to stop, it MUST begin with men. All men. Not just the few who become rapists, but also with every man we know. Our Husbands, Brothers, Nephew, Friends etc....

    1. Thank you so much for speaking out on this Kemisayo. I agree that it is time to start enlightening the men folk on rape and getting them to speak out and help curb rape. The weird thing is that not even men are excluded from being victims. I have seen cases of men being raped and the victims are as traumatized as the female ones. Rape is jut all shades of awful and must be stopped. At Stand To End Rape, we have lots of male volunteers who help us spread the message to end rape. We must all do more.


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