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Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Fine Line Between Discipline And Child Abuse

I really would never understand why some people disguise child abuse as discipline. If you have to chastise a child or punish them, there are better ways to do this than causing them deep physical or psychological pains. This often either hardens the child or leaves them hating you and traumatized for years to come.

A teacher in a school in India decided to cruelly punish a 4-year old child (yes, FOUR years old) for wetting herself by making her sit on a very hot metal playground slide. The slide had been heated up by the intense midday sun and the teacher knew this yet she made that baby sit on it and got her buttock burned in the process. 

The hot metal slide. Chai. :(
The school authorities sided with the teacher and refused to press cruelty charges against the teacher even after the parents had complained. The parents went ahead to report the case to the police and they in turn have filed charges against the teacher and the principal. Some people also staged a protest against the school for failing to report the incident. The local officials have shut down the school temporarily following orders from the Andhra Pradesh Human Resource Development Ministry.
The wee innocent child. :(
You cannot physically or emotionally harm someone in the name of punishment. There are saner ways of going about these things. Just because that's what your parents or their parents did does not make it right. Humans have evolved past that so there is no point using it as an excuse that the perpetrators do not know any better. I have heard about cases where torturous punishments were meted out to children and truth be told, I have gone through some myself and I can tell you that it is all shades of wrong. It messes up the mind and body of the child and it takes a lot for them to get over the trauma involved. If anyone harms any of my children like this, it would take a whole lot for me not to hurt them physically but I will get justice. 


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