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Sunday, 9 November 2014

A True Survivor Story......

I started a series in which I share real-life #SurvivorTales from real people across the world. The point of this is to cheer people up and help them get through whatever seemingly bleak situations they may be passing through. So if you know any such people, feel free to share and encourage them. And if you know are a True Survivor or know one, please send me your story at so that others can be inspired by it.

To kick this series off, I will be re-posting (unedited) my #SurvivorTales which I shared on Facebook in April. I hope my story inspires others going through any medical challenges. Pardon the staccato-like narration, it was as a result of the state of awe, delight and near disbelief I found myself in. I was giddy with excitement and gratitude at having another lease to life. :)

This is my story, my testimony.

 April 4th 2014

I have a huge testimony. As some of you know, few weeks back I fell ill suddenly. I was in so much pains and rushed to one of the best hospitals in Lagos. The doctors ran series of tests. They had different theories and diagnosis from appendicitis to gastroenteritis to duodenal ulcer to gastritis. Such was the height of pains I was in. It wasn't until 4 days after I had been admitted that they did a second scan and discovered I had an inflamed liver and gall bladder with fluids where they had no business being inside of me. Then we saw gall stones in my gall bladder. I saw the stones with my own eyes. I was devastated. They said I had to have a surgery to remove my gall bladder. 

Few days later I learnt my health insurance didn't cover the laparoscopic surgery. It would cost me N950,000. Ah! I almost gave up on living. Then the prayers started. The prophecies and promises of God kept coming. I tried hard to believe. I had no choice. A date was fixed for the surgery. Thursday the 3rd of April. I said to the surgeon "Please let me do a scan on Wednesday to be sure before you cut me open. I believe the stones would have disappeared". He laughed. Then he asked "what will you do with the money you've been given"? I said I will joyfully return them back to the kindhearted donors. He said ok, let's see how it goes. 

My people, I woke up on Wednesday morning and felt "empty". I had gotten use to the constant pains that I didn't realize the emptiness I felt was due to the lack of pains. I went for a scan on Wednesday. NO GALL STONES WERE FOUND. I called the surgeon. He was shocked. Didn't believe me. Asked me to come immediately. I went to show him the result. He doubted the competence of the lab and result. He booked a scan for me for next week in their hospital then. I couldn't wait. I asked him to refer me to a bigger and better lab, the best in Lagos State even. Mecure Lab in Oshodi, run by the best in the country, he said. I rushed there immediately and did the scan again. NO STONES WERE FOUND. I SAW AN EMPTY AND HEALTHY GALL BLADDER. ALL MY ORGANS ARE NORMAL. I never see this kain God o. 

I should be on my way to Lagoon hospital in Apapa for a laparoscopy surgery but it was cancelled. I have been crying, singing, praising, Marveling at the awesomeness of MY GOD. 

What I did not include back in April when I wrote this post is the torment I went through, the excruciatingly indescribable pains, the awfully horrible voice in my head urging me to end it all and be pain-free, the battles I went through both physically, mentally and spiritually, the despair, my kids not letting me out of their sight after I eventually returned home after the impromptu one week stay in the hospital, my daughter saying "mummy are you going" every time I so much as wore a pair of slippers or held a key - she feared I would go and not return for a while again, the adverse reaction to my medications, the depression, etc. I'm grateful to God, to my hubby, families and friends who stood by me and lifted me out of my gloomy moments. I'm glad I didn't succumb to the negativity but rose above it to become a Survivor.

I promise you this, no matter what you are going through right now, it will pass. There are always better days ahead of whatever challenges life throws us. Perseverance, faith in God and determination are key to getting through such phases.


  1. Superb and most awesome God we serve!

  2. hmmm! An awesome wonder is our God.

  3. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful testimony, The Lord touched you and will touch everyone reading this desperate for a divine touch. He is


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