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Monday, 17 November 2014

Jumping On The Bandwagon

In my own opinion, having a "Bandwagon mentality" is the same as being fickle. Some people are well notorious for that and it just irks me so much. How hard can it be to make a decision on a topic (yeah, I know decision making isn't often that easy, but come on) and stick to it? Some people, even though they know an answer should be 'A', would rather chose 'B' simply to save face before others. I don't understand why people jump on bandwagons in order to make impressions.

Being convinced otherwise on an issue is not what I'm about here, no. I'm referring to those sort of people that would rather sit comfy on a fence rather than pick a side, and then they would tend towards the most popular side and if there's as much as a slight shift in general opinion, they skedaddle to that side as well. HIAN!

The way out of this bandwagon mentality, in my own opinion, is to take time to digest information, process it, decide on a rational side and stick to it. See, 'tis not so hard, is it? (evil cackle)


Have a splendid week ahead. :)

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