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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Chop And Quench Life.

I recall this funny yet insulting phrase "chop and quench" from my childhood days. It is usually used in reference to a person who goes all out to eat greedily at the expense of his/her health. Reading the story of the President of Burkina Faso brought back that phrase to mind. Why would any sane person want to elongate a 27 years tenure? Na only him waka come?

Former President Blaise Campaore
I cannot understand why African leaders have an issue with relinquishing power appropriately, even at the expense of human lives. Why always us? If you have done a tenure or two, leave and allow someone else. I believe if a president has done right by the people as expected and groomed a worthy successor to fill his shoes upon his exit, then leaving should not be an issue. This die-hard mentality has got to stop. It is unjust and very annoying. I'm guessing greed and corruption is why they cling on so much to these seats of power. I actually see little difference between these pathetic rulers who cling on till violence occurs or till they die in  the quest to retain power and those who keep recycling themselves in politics spanning decades. What happened to giving the "leaders of tomorrow" a chance? If you have ideas you feel can propel a country forward by all means mentor a successor and help him win the position rather than try to foist your aged self on to millions.

Great-great-great-gramps Mugabe is also guilty of clinging on to the presidential seat despite the length of time he has spent there and how horribly he has run the country down. Now one of his wives is contesting and hoping to continue where he stopped. Sigh. I honestly just don't get how we reason and act on this part of the Continent. This chop and quench lifestyle have just got to come to an end if we ever want to develop into a better Continent like Asia, etc.

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