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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hero Syrian Boy Saves His Sister From Syrian Army Sniper Fire

 Wow, just wow. I came across this video on Facebook and traced it to a YouTube channel. I can't guarantee its authenticity as per the locations and who the shooters are or that the children in the video are even related. What I can say for sure is that this video looks very real and anyone shoots at wee children should be slowly boiled in hot oil.

Here's how it was reported on the YouTube channel of Pac Nam:

"A video has emerged purporting to show a young Syrian boy braving heavy sniper fire to make a daring rescue of a small girl frozen with fear under a car.

The one-minute clip, posted on the YouTube site of the activist Shaam News Network channel, seems to show a boy of around eight years old get up after being shot at and run to save another child stranded in the middle of the road under a burnt-out truck.

Some viewers have speculated that the boy pretends to have been hit by one of the bullets in order to fool the sniper and get a break in the gunfire, before running up and leading the cowering girl out of harm’s way.

A group of men, who film the scene from behind the safety of a brick wall, can be heard exclaiming “allahu akbar” (God is great) when the boy gets up after appearing to be shot dead.

The two run down the street hand-in-hand as they are shot at again, with bullets kicking up dust around them, but they both appear to survive."

 Brace yourselves........ :(

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