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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Think Things Through Before Reacting......

I drafted a post yesterday about how Nigerians aren't curious enough. I was hoping to probably share it tomorrow or next week but after reading some news on the internet this morning, I decided to write a fresh post about how we often exercise "no chill" in our daily dealings.

Everyone knows by now that yesterday was Halloween in America, and most Nigerians have concluded in their minds that this is a demonic culture which is "totally unAfrican". Sigh. How many of you have actually sourced and researched the origin and purpose of this Halloween day? I'm guessing it is just easier to piece the costumes we see people wear and add it to what our ancestors and pastors told us about Halloween being an "ojujucalabar-williewillie-winshywinshy-demonic parry" celebrated by heathen oyinbo people headed for hell, and therefore conclude!!! 
Let me start by sharing a screen shot from one of my readers and friends, Candice (who by the way have me an amazing wedding gift six years ago which I still use and love). 

Do you now see that Halloween, regardless of whatever scare the scary and sometimes over the top costumes may invoke in you, is not as bad as we have been made to think it is? It is more or less a Remembrance Day for saints and martyrs past. Every country, tribe, religion, etc have their cultures and so long as they don't cause harm to others I don't see why they should be condemned bitterly just because it doesn't suit our living style. I mean I just read a piece of news this morning about some Congolese who apprehended a suspected ISIS member, beat him up, burnt him to death and ATE him. Yes, you read that right. And don't gloat just yet ye powerful almighty Nigerians because if I have to go into details of our own "anyhowness" on this side of the world which we cannot even seem to realize are far worse than the Halloween we are so quick to condemn, you will be stunned. 

In the same vein of ignorance, some people have even hatefully condemning Khloe Kardaahian because of the way she captioned her picture below. 

They have labelled her all sorts but they have failed to think deeply first before attacking her. First of all, I'm not even a fan of their clan so this is not about me being a "Voltron" for them. This is about me highlighting how people blame others for their own impure thoughts. Can you see there is an Arab and a cat in this picture, yes? Scott is dressed like an Arab while Khloe is dressed like Catwoman. When you add it together and infuse some word play, you will get "Sheik Pussy". Lest we forget, pussy is still a synonym for cat but because of some people's automatic mindset which concludes rubbish based on their own immoral thoughts, they assumed she meant "another type of pussy" and thus set out to cuss her out. Sigh. 

I read about some Nigerians having a go at a Nigerian actress, Stella Damascus, because she uploaded a picture of herself in a Halloween costume. They condemned her screaming blue murder over HER choice to partake in the Halloween "celebration" and how ungodly and unAfrican it is.  Sometimes, I read and see some things and I just want to scream aloud "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE"? It is not so difficult to read, absorb and digest news before coming to conclusions about it. 

Always think before you react please. Enjoy your Saturday! 


  1. My dear.... you just took the words right out of my mouth....ya always on point!!!!

  2. I just walk away mostly. I dey look for clean money not some BS most people focus on.

  3. I love your take on the subject. Well done. Candice is my friend too and I was shocked to see the true meaning of Halloween celebration. I too am guilty of jumping into the 'demonic ' stereotype that Halloween has become synonymous with. And I am happy about ladies like you. You see I will normally research my own info before I form an opinion. And this one time I decided not to.....bang! I was wrong. Thanks for doing the homework girls!!! Mwuahhhhh !!! And I will keep an eye on you blog. I must say.... Very intelligently written.


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