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Friday, 28 November 2014

Food For Thought.....

I wish a lot of people would read the article below with very clear heads and open minds. It is high time we stop operating in myopic manners and start viewing issues critically from different angles before taking conscious political decisions. While I am unsure as to whom my vote would go to when elections come, I sure know whom I won't be voting for.

I composed a draft a few days ago about something similar and then I received the article below this morning and saw some harsh truths in it which I believe people need to reflect deeply upon before condemning Buhari to uninformed damnation. Don't just read and digest this alone, share it as well.........

Read Professor Tam David West:
"Religion is a personal thing and every man has the right to choose his own, or practice it the way he likes. Most of the sycophants that use religion to defame the character of Buhari are not even practicing their acclaimed self righteousness. Many of them are occultists. They kill and conduct daily human sacrifices to remain in power. Buhari is a man of integrity and I respect him a lot. But because majority of those who have looted this country to poverty are afraid to end up in jail or loose their ill gotten wealth, they chose to fabricate lies against Buhari. They hire hungry and morally corrupted scholars to do the dirty jobs on their behalf.
It is quite unfortunate that Nigerians buy all the lies they trade through the media.
This is the only country where people prefer to believe in a hear say than make a research. Only a minute population of Nigerians are willing to investigate an allegation before they draw conclusions.
Nigerians have resolved to be praise singers to corrupt leaders. We have failed to ask for accountability. Our conscience has been beclouded with religious and ethnic sentiments. Our sense of judgement and reason have been blinded by poverty. We chose to mortgage our tomorrow and the future of our children for the rice and a few Naira notes they share during elections.

All we believe is the roads, the bridges, the railways, the electricity they build only on televisions.
I always ask my self these questions:
1. Where are the roads? The Abuja - Lokoja road was awarded by Obasanjo's administration. He spent 8 years in the office. Then Yaradua and Goodluck spent another 4 years. Now if Goodluck is elected, he will be spending another 8 years. This will amount to 20 years and 180 km road is yet to be completed. Enugu - Onitsha road was also awarded by the Obasanjo administration and till date, a journey that is supposed to take 45 minutes can take you 8 hours if it rains. Enugu- PH road is on the same series. What about Uyo - Calabar route? Just to mention a few.
2. Where is the power? They sold all the NEPA to their friends. We pay for the light that was not supplied.
3. Our education and health system go bad everyday. Lecturers and Health workers spent more time at home than in the schools and hospitals as a result of incessant strikes.
4. The government failed to provide us with security. People are being killed everyday and yet government comes out to tell us they are in control.
5. Why are we pretending that all is well? It is only in Nigeria where monies develop wings and fly. $20 billion oil money disappeared and they said it was $10 billion. Forensic investigators were hired and that was the end of the story. N20 billion pension fund stolen and nothing came out of it. $9.3 million seized in South Africa and government claimed it was meant for ammunition purchase. The immigration scandal has also been swept under the carpet because the senate could not proceed with their investigation. The man behind the contract is sitting among the high seats in the senate.
Innocent people were defrauded and they at the same time lost their lives yet, we have a transparent governance.
6. Why are we praising government as if they are doing whatever with their personal money? How many people in their various communities have they provided scholarship with their personal money before they got elected? The reason they got elected is to manage our resources and not to loot us dry. One thing I know is that we will not have any meaningful development except if we make a change. Age or no age, Buhari is a better option for the present day Nigeria"

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  1. I also agree o buki, Buhari is the only correct and appropriate presidential candidate for now...dats my candid opinion


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