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Friday, 21 November 2014

Finding Your Happiness.

Hmmmmn, happiness is what everyone should experience daily, ideally, but in recent times and with all the stuff happening around the world, it is becoming tougher and tougher to find reasons to be lastingly happy about. One thing I've discovered this year is that more often than not, we have to seek happiness for ourselves rather than expect a person or a situation to create the happiness we so desire.

I feel that more and more,  we need to pursue what makes us happy rather than allow the despairing situations around us catch up with us and beat us down. You are responsible for your own happiness and those of as many others as you can impact positively on, so quit the pity-party and hop to it. I know some people think having a lot of money is a gurantee to being happy but I can state categorically that this isn't so in most cases. A life with flowing cash and no happiness is not particularly a meaningful one so stop coveting the riches of others while banking on such to make you happy. Create your own paths to happiness in the simple ways you can.

There are so many ways to find happiness without breaking the bank, if only we can first learn to take recognition and acknowledgment of nature around us. Remember that the best things in life are free, the smiles, the helpful gestures, the flowers, the trees, the clouds, the birds and the bees, etc. There are happiness to be found in all of these things if only we would stop for a minute, breathe in and look around us.
The need for a person to have genuine happiness in their lives cannot be overemphasized. A happy staff is usually a more productive one, a happy spouse makes a better and more caring lover, and so on. Ensure you not only find happiness for yourself but do your best to spread it around about you. Bear in mind that life will always try to wrestle your happiness away from you with one challenge or the other but so long as you know this fact, you will be able to manage your happiness better. :)

Go on now, find happiness and be happy.

I feel so refreshed. Thank God It's Friday. Whoop Whoop. :)


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