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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Baddest Guy ever Walketh......


Last week I was scouting for a venue for an event when I took the picture above from the 12th floor of a hotel in Ikeja. It has an amazing view and their Thai restaurant is amazing but I digress. Beneath the smile is a little hidden trepidation of heights as much as I loved the breeze and view. So imagine my shock when I found out online that Nik Wallenda, a member of a tightrope-walking family, was planning to walk across a tightrope between two skyscrapers suspended about 500ft over the Chicago River BLINDFOLDED!!! Nik did not have a safety net to break his fall, if he fell, or a harness strapped on him during the challenge. Producers of the Discovery Channel ran the stunt on a 10-second delay so that they could cut away from the live footage in the event that he slipped and fell mid-performance. If he had fallen off, he would have died. Simple.

Nik on the wire.
 He completed his stunt, miraculously and has now set two world records, one for the highest tightrope walk at incline and the other for the highest tightrope. For the record, Nik's 73-years-old grandfather (also a tightrope walker) fell to his death during a similar stunt in Puerto Rico a year before Nik was born. He was also performing live and the cameras captured the fall and his gory end.

I like the rush of adrenaline sometimes and I would love to bungee-jump and skydive sometime in the nearest future, but this tightrope walk thing is on another level o. Bravo to those whose talents are aimed at such dizzying heights, I just cannot. 

Did I mention the elevator got stuck on my way down from my visit to the 12th floor? Forget that smile, I was sweating like a goat and reciting all the psalms I know. I was also the first one out as soon as the elevator had mercy on us long enough to stop and open its doors. LOL

How tough a stunt would you attempt if given the chance?

Find some more amazing pictures of Nik's stunt below (culled from Daily Mail UK) :
Amazing feat.

Ahem, very nice view. _-_

Wow. The crowd though......

Can you picture the height he was at? He looks like a dot. Chai.

Nik and his wife. She's the real MVP. :)

Nik's grandad when he wobbled before falling to his death. :(


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