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Saturday, 15 November 2014

What's Your Hair-xperience Like?

I was born with the toughest hair you've ever seen in your life (which may or may not be responsible for my sometimes stubborn nature. LOL) yet my scalp is softer than a baby's. I often joke that companies that manufacture relaxers would need a sample of my hair taken into their laboratory to produce the sort of relaxer that would soften it. My hair is very thick, full and strong. I really envy these ladies that pose with their natural Afros because I cannot have it. The moment my hair becomes due for retouching, I start to get headaches, I kid you not. So short of cutting it all off (which my father and hubby have strictly prohibited me from doing. Sigh), I'm stuck with this spongy mass.

I came across Hairfinity a while ago via Jackie O's YouTube channel Makeup Game On Point. Jackie is actually a Nigerian-American makeup artist and beauty blogger living in Los Angeles, whose works are absolutely amazing. I was quite impressed that by taking a pill for 30-days or more, one's hair texture and length could be affected positively. I have since read other reviews of this same hair product and the positive reviews are way more than the negatives.

However, I am a little doubtful about what long term effect these pills might have on the body system in general and this teeny-weeny bit of doubt is why I haven't gotten the pills yet and also the reason for this post. Have you or do you know anyone personally who has had Hairfinity? What were their hair-xperiences like? Would you consider taking a pill a day for three months if it would guarantee notable improvements in your hair texture regardless of what side-effects the pills might have on your body?

Do share. :)

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  1. Honestly!I ask d same question too...what side effect?and most of d pictures posted by users are not is weave on 99% of d time


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